Engaging, Creative, Life-Changing Message

Featured on TV, radio, newspapers, and the like, Rick Gage is an international motivational speaker who addresses tens of thousands of young people annually around the world.


Founder of ON TRACK Assemblies

Rick and his ON TRACK Team have been given the opportunity to reach many students and athletes with the life-changing message of how to be a winner in the game of life.

A college athlete with a promising career in coaching, Rick felt his calling in life to young people.

As a former assistant college football coach, Rick knows the complex problems facing America’s youth. He and his team are committed to reinforce your school’s core values through this dynamic program.

Rick and his team have delivered the nationally acclaimed “ON TRACK” assembly program to more than 2 million teenagers in our nation’s schools.

ON TRACK School Assemblies FOCUS on:

Life Choices

Accountability • Character Building • Acceptance • Selflessness

Drugs, Alcohol Abuse

The Dangers • Associated Issues • Peer Pressure

Teen Suicide

Depression •  Bullying Prevention • Self-Worth

The On TRACK School Assemblies are an opportunity to share a penetrating message of character, education and values, which are desperately needed in our nation’s schools.


“Anyone who can keep the attention of 625 seventh and eighth graders for thirty minutes has my respect and admiration.”

JP Jenkins

Principal, Virginia

“Rick Gage is going to make a lasting impact on thousands of lives.”

Terry Bradshaw

Pro Football Hall of Fame

“I was very pleased with the ON TRACK program and would personally highly endorse it for high school students throughout our country.”

Ed Curlee

Principal, South Carolina

What People Are Saying About ON TRACK

“With today’s youth having to make many decisions at an earlier age, it is comforting to know that there are Assembly Programs like ON TRACK that speak out to offer students a positive approach to personal decision making. I have received nothing but positive comments from not only students, but also members of my faculty.”

– Principal, Fayettville, WV

“I am writing in support of the ON TRACK Assembly Program. As Principal of Jefferson High School, it was a pleasure having ON TRACK address our students. The message affected our students in a profound way.”

– Principal, Dayton, OH

We had the opportunity for the students and staff at Myrtle Beach High to experience an ON TRACK Assembly Program. The entire program was high energy and realistic. As Principal, I was very pleased with the ON TRACK Program and would personally highly endorse it for high school students throughout our Country.”

– Principal, Myrtle Beach, SC

“On behalf of the students of Lauderdale County School System, I want to express my appreciation for your support in helping teach our young people about the problems of drug and alcohol abuse. No one group can do this alone; it takes a concerted effort. The ON TRACK Assembly made a positive impression on our students.”-

-Drug-Free School Coordinator, Meridian, MS

“I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to our student body. Not only were you professional but your inspirational program motivated many, including myself. The ON TRACK Program is just that, on track! Keep it up!”

– H.S. Principal, Calhoun, GA

“I want to thank the ON TRACK School Assembly Team for taking the time to share your message regarding drugs and alcohol. I would recommend your program to any school and we certainly would welcome you back at any time. It was a very timely message and the way you presented the program really caught the attention of the students.”

– Principal, Gulf Breeze H.S.

“Of all the school assembly programs we have had, ON TRACK kept our students’ attention the best. I hope your energy and enthusiasm will continue, and that we will have the privilege of having the ON TRACK Team in our school again.”

– Principal, Prattville, AL

“If you are considering having an ON TRACK Assembly, don’t hesitate. It is a program that people of all ages need to hear. I believe the message of ON TRACK would be of tremendous benefit to any school or organization.”

– Principal, Plainview, TX


South Carolina Superintendent Endorses ON TRACK

South Carolina Superintendent Endorses ON TRACK

I am writing to express my support for ON TRACK Assemblies, who recently spoke to students at high schools across the School District of Pickens County as part of the Choices101 program. The assembly speakers are highly qualified and respected speakers who have...

ON TRACK Assemblies encourages 3,000 students in East Tennessee

ON TRACK Assemblies encourages 3,000 students in East Tennessee

The Rogersville, Tennessee school assemblies addressed issues of drug abuse, suicide, and wise decision-making to be winners in the game of life. Speaking to a total of over 3,000 middle and high school students, the assemblies proved to be a transformative event for...

Botetourt Intermediate School

Dear Rick, On behalf of our faculty and students, I wish to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave at our school. Any one who can keep the attention of 625 seventh and eighth graders for thirty minutes has my respect and admiration. Your message on problems...